Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Pre- Vacation Week

This is what i believe i've been trying to figure out for all the years i've been vacationing.
After striving so many a time to figure out the right "balance" of prep time for vacation, this year i have taken a week right before to do things just right.
I had toyed over the years with trying to pack over a months time, a little at a time. Then i tried the last minute thing. I tried a week ahead, then 3 days ahead. None of it seemed to work well.
Finally, it is working- i have taken this whole week of a "mini-vacation" which means i am still working, but have released myself from all normal obligations such as appointments, running, gym time , etc. in order to tie up all the loose ends that have been plagueing me for months- like organizing my pantry , closets, and office(one area each day) then spending another day adding stuff to my final packing list, another day last minute shopping, and a final day to just relax before packing everything and having hubbs load it up.It's sort like winding down into vacation so i don't have to waste the first few days doing it when i get there!
It is well worth trying .It sounds tedious, but the trick is that you know you dont have to go anywhere, rush to finish anything, and your mind is clearer to remember last minute details.
My husband , on the other hand, has decided to run and go to the gym this week.
He almost slipped out without cleaning his shower today-GADS!
(It was pretty gross & i'd been asking for months so i had to get forceful about it today. The last time he cleaned it was November '08. I mean, seriously. Only bachelors live like that.)
2 mores update: I am still not an aunt. And i have started to read the Harry Potter series after 2 very intelligent adults recommended it - and they were correct- it is very good adult reading!

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