Sunday, September 27, 2009


After a long drive & 5 stops to adjust the bikes on their rack, i am finally home. everything is put away and, as i expected , my allergies are starting to flare again. The combination of this areas pollen and my 2 cats definitely are the problem. I had only a few short bouts with sinus trouble down at the beach.
I'm pretty wiped out and am soooo glad i don't have to work til tomorrow night.
Overall , we had a pretty great time, and were happy to have family around this time (although i did enjoy my time completely alone!)
But Now it is back to reality and tomorrow i hit the ground running- getting groceries, returning movies & library books, packing my lunch and going to the gym.Sometimes i wish everyday was vacation:)
So, until another post.......namaste!

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Blasé said...


Glad you had a great time. I luv those pics of you and Big Guy on the beach!

..gotta try that "dum dum" trick :)