Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The First Days

I'm finally getting around to posting since i have arrived on vacation here in Rodanthe, NC. I have only taken a few photos so far and so i will not be posting them yet.One thing i have noticed is that we, the human race, certainly seem to resist breaking our routines- even while on vacation.
Sure, we may sleep in longer, or eat crazily, or try a few new sports or visit some tourist sights. But over all, we still take pictures of beautiful nature scenes.We still get in the shower sometime within the usual timeframe, have our meals at the usual time,watch the same old tv shows,etc. For me i have noticed most of the aforementioned .The difference being that i am forced to take a shower instead of preferred bath,and i hardly EVER watch tv but have been watching old movies on (gasp!)the country music channel or some such station in the evening .
Most people here are doing the exact same things i see every year when i come down. Plucking the jewels of the sea and other bones of Tritan's supper from the sandy landscape early in the morning,drinking coffee from their balcony breathing in the sunrise and briney air, purchasing trinkets they hope will remind them of their abscence from bliss once they totter back into their own living room.
I find myself being a true sloth, eating poorly and foregoing exercise these first few days here.Yesterday after eating breakfast at a diner (alone-it was pure heaven!) and getting groceries i sat on the beach practically all afternoon getting tipsy on a whole bottle of wine plus a wine cooler. I then staggered down the beach & back with a half hearted attempt to exercise and sober up , petting stranger's dogs along the way and barely noticing the people before going in to prepare a rich meal for one and I almost fell asleep in my robe on the sofa with a blanket.I left dishes in the sink and DIDNT CLEAN UP!
At this point, the place is a mess. I've been living & enjoying the life of a bachlorette. I get one , maybe two more days to do so before the cavalry arrives(family) and so i will have to clean up eventually.
But until then,i will get to leave doors open all over the house, dirty clothes on the floor, leave my bed unmade,and get along with no watch or clock.I will have total control of the remote.I will dance naked to loud music while eating candy bars.I will not scoop the cat litter,check the mail,water the plants, or wait for anyone to wake up before i make noise. And i dont feel any remorse about it either.
Ahhhh...this.is. the.life.

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