Thursday, September 24, 2009

A few days more:(

The days have been blurring one into the next. Monday was dismal so we all spent the day indoors playing games & doing a puzzle.Tuesday Hubbs & i drove up to see the Currituck Lighthouse(the only one of the 4 famous of the Outer Banks I hadnt seen) then drove the beach in Corolla on a self-guided Wild Horse tour.It was very scary driving over the dunes at first in the Jeep but eventually i got used to it.Unbelievably, all the roads are sand up there...i mean deep, soft sand in most places and almost no road signs. I cant undertstand how anyone gets their mail . And not a store for miles!
We did see about 10 or so of the 90 wild horses on that 12,000 acre piece of land. They truly do rule the area , wandering wherever they want. The ones we saw were in carports, yards, etc.
Wednesday was my first piece of repossessed freedom!My parents went out to sight see and Hubbs motorbiked it to Elizabeth City to a Harley store. I was again able to laze about on the beach drinking wine for about 5 glorious hours all alone.Later we tried to see a sunset on Pamlico Sound (occluded by clouds) and watched "Marley & Me". I've seen it twice, a very nice story.

Today i hope to amble around on the juicy icing -like fingers of the sea. I saw another group of dolphins this morning playing close to shore for about half an hour.
I have purchased several books I'll be digging into and we plan to dine at Dirty Dicks Crabhouse with the family this evening. Man, i sure am dreading to leave this place!

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