Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ending World Hunger

Ok.....did i have you at hello?=)

What i am actually talking about here is a potential project discusssed with a friend this very evening.
I am going to attempt to eat on a dollar a day.
Yes, i know this can be done . We threw around a few ideas as to how it might work.
I am talking about doing this without much, if any , preparation. This means no gardening, or going to bakeries for day old throw aways, no canning or freezing, etc.
This is a WANTING LESS short term experiment to proove it can be done - in my world.
I have discovered this evening that there are a few great blogs , websites, and food/recipe sites which cater to this very thing.The dollar -a-day -diet!Wow !Who knew it was so popular?
The very first brainstorming session included the following ideas:
1. lots of grains-oatmeal, rice, etc-
2. lotsa pasta
3.kiwis, canned mandarin oranges
4. dried beans
5. use of already planted herbs as 'salad greens' substitutes
6. Home-made bread (recipe uses only flour , salt, teast & water)

Additionally my research tonight has encouraged me to consider:
1. cabbage
2. ramen noodles
3.canned tomatoes
4. home-made tortillas

There was ALOT of info out there!I also looked at my local Giants online circular to note recent prices of fruits/ veggies in season. I noted that most of the year bananas are actually the cheapest fruit per pound.Right now peaches & apples are only 99 cents a lb. in my area.I figure as well that i can buy a head of lettuce and a bag of baby carrots for about a dollar , put the carrots in the food processor and add some of the above ideas for variety.

Currently , i take a salad each night to work. The fresh fruits & veggies i eat in addition to that each night are too expensive for this project.
I will not be using anything i already have in my pantry (including oils or spices, but will include salt & pepper since i could easily swipe these at any convenience or fast food store), it will not include cost of water or coffee and i will start at $ 7.00 for 7 days.No cheating by buying bulk for the month- just to keep it honest!
Will start sometime after vacation. This gives time for research & thought.
We'll see how it goes ....Namaste!!!


Blasé said...

OH it works, and it can be done! But it gets old very quick. Maybe you can stick with it better than I did.

So, I guess you had better things to do than to attend my Birthday??

nirvana diva said...

i only want to last a week. and i did visit for your birthday. you just didnt notice me -much like most of the people in my life!lol!BTW- my present was a great big smile !