Thursday, September 17, 2009

Days , and more Days!

the movie house...i think, anyway
i t seems tom hanks has washed up on shore somewhere. tell him wilson will be returned when the ransom is paid.

strange "pole of fish tails" on the peir

view from balcony

On day two, as i drank coffee from the balcony, my first view pure pleasure of began with the sunrise, followed by a fish jumping out of the waves. I thought to myself"ahhh, i have finally arrived".But, no! The most spectacular was yet to come.
Next i watched as a finely built young man launched his sea kayak into the ocean . Interesting to see, as i might just try this myself before i leave. But whilst veiwing his venture ,low & behold a large school of dolphins came swimming & playfully jumping through the waves - closer to the shore than even the kayaker! i have NEVER seen definite dolphins from my house down here. I watched with awe & glee , delighting in their absolute loveliness. A second school went by a few minutes later seemimg to chase the first, and i had found my heaven!
When i was more sufficently dressed, i walked the whole two minutes to the peir and paid the dollar to walk it.Fishermen littered the edges, along with coolers and i listened to their local dialect discussing their craft.I walked 1.5 miles "up the beach" to take pictures of the house from the movie "Nights in Rodanthe".Fine house really, and it was for rent...but alas , i could not locate where one would park- no driveway at all.
In the afternoon, i again sat reading Harry Potter on the beach for hours and took another walk "down the beach".
I have finally gotten the pictures on here so i'll post a few....

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