Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cute Discovery

When i got home from vacation , i went out on my deck to check on things and imagine my suprise when i discovered this cute little eggplant growing!Out of all the plants i started in containers this was the last one i expected to grow or bear fruit. This little guy is about 3-4 " long. I also found that , finally, a bunch of my very sweet little cherry tomatoes had ripened and i was able to use them in last nights salad.

And, yes, you read that right. I am back to eating my regular healthy foods. I noted immediate "relief" this morning. I am definitely one whose body favors fresh fruits & veggies- provable by better G.I. functioning!
I am still thinking about that $1 a day diet. At the grocery store yesterday, i took note that bananas are probably the cheapest fresh fruit at 39-42 cents a lb. Other possible fruits may be Kiwi at 50 cents a piece and mangoes - a whole bag for $1.99.In the fresh veggie department, i believe i could get by on some romaine lettuce mixed with some (rinsed) diced tomatoes(59 cents for a large can) and baby carrots always seem to be on sale for 99 cents a bag or 1.99 buy one get one free.
Combining these items with cheap pasta (elbow macaroni - small boxes 2 for 1.00 , sometimes less) and oatmeal- a very large container for 1.87, i might even be able to swing peanut butter- jar for a buck at the $ store. But if not dried beans make an excellent crock pot meal (16 bean soup for just over a dollar) and would probably serve at least 5 meals.
I am considering other items but hadnt time to check on price.
Alas , if all else fails i guess i can always consult my Eat-a -Bug cookbook. Yes, it is real and not a joke.i recall that it has a recipe for grinding dried mealworms into a flour.
Until then i will continue to do research. I have decided i will start out with a $30 dollar for 30 day plan .
Keep ya posted!

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