Saturday, August 8, 2009

Why do i do it?

Thursday evening i had a beautiful run along Yellow Breeches Creek. I got to see some cool wildlife including a Heron!The downside is that i got a few mosquitos bites .Havent had any of those in a long time.
Speaking of, a good friend of mine & i are once again contemplating a camping trip, which will include a private whitewater kayaking lesson for sometime in October.Also discussed was doing a nice long bike trek on the path we previously rode. This time we will be able to track our actual distance with my new speedometer. Nothings definite yet, but sounds like a great time!
I posed a quesion to this friend tonight .
After age 40, do we ever again feel like we used to?
I mean, i vividly recall the days of my twenties & even thirties when i jumped out of bed, energetic full of the ability to accomplish at least 10 times as much as i do now.Now, i drag myself to the bathroom, then trudge downstairs for 2 or 3 coffees with aches & pains until i finally get it together an hour or so later! This, despite changing to a healthier diet, quitting smoking, being more dedicated to fitness than ever, and striving intensely to keep a balance between body, mind and spirit. My freind says that i won't feel normal unless i stop working the night shift. He also says that i've gotten "stranger "in my old age.hmmph! Whatever!
The thing is, even if this were true(the nightshift thing), that ONE factor cannot cancel out all the good changes i've made to my life .So i cannot agree that i would actually feel young again by working dayshift.Perhaps the answer lies more in the fact that since i am fighting the bodies natural pattern of sleep, i get less quality sleep than i need.
In fact , there's sooo much out there on the health effects of sleep deficits.Another blogger recently had a great post about his own remedy for insomnia which included a head massage prior to bed by his wife. Nice, if you can get it!
I personally have darkened the room, kept the cats out, dont drink caffiene for 8 hours prior to bedtime, removed the tv from the bedroom, have a consistant bedtime "ritual",and have recently resorted to prescription sleeping pills as a last desperate measure.I dont exercise in the 12 hours prior to bedtime, but like i said, i exercise and eat right- all these things.
Sometimes i just wanna groan in deep remorse for all the time & effort i put into a healthful lifestyle.
Especially when i watch people who always seems to be full of energy polish of a few donuts , sitting in front of a tv .
Am i missing something?????


Blasé said...

I guess 'Sleep' is an exception-to-the-rule when it comes to "wanting less"??

Give me some SLEEP....PLEASE!!!

nirvana diva said...

actually, i prefer to think of it as wanting less insomnia!lol!