Saturday, August 15, 2009

We believe what we perceive

Many times we get caught up in ourselves. I know i do it. And i certainly watch others around me do it.The problem with it is that after awhile we start believing ourselves, in spite of evidence to the contrary.
For instance , we start to believe that we can never lose weight, or that we are stuck in a situation for life or we begin to label ourselves as something (an athelete,a caretaker, a laborer) and then that small part of us begins to sum up the whole -in our minds. The good side to this is that sometimes we have to start believing in something to make it true. Like believing we can accomplish a goal, or overcome an addiction.
But even those "good" things can become a hindrance if we start to focus too much on our "beliefs" about ourselves and forget about the "truths".
Let me speak about my own personal journey with this (of which i am still on!).Everyday, i get up believing that i am a disciplined individual(the "belief") who will accomplish a bunch of tasks on a list, and will ultimately accomplish the goal of being an accomplisher ... ( a"truth" about myself).I know this sounds redundant, but anyone can look around and find other people doing this. Understanding this about myself has been a Godsend at times since i can tend to get too disciplined & dogmatic about things and lose the joy of the finer things in life. Like connecting with people.Like watching the clouds. Like listening to the birds.Like just laying down on the cool tile floor and petting my cat for a moment.
Today was a very good example(and i have posted about days like these before.)
I woke up with a list of things i needed and wanted to do. I needed to sleep as long as possible.I needed to pick up my car from the shop. I had to do mundane tasks like pack my lunch, give the dog meds,etc. I had invited a friend over for coffee and a movie, but since that friend always cancels at the last minute i figured i'd REALLY be going to the gym instead.
When that freind actually showed up (on time like i insisted)i figured "oh, she will probably leave very shortly so i'll still have time to get that run in." Well, she stayed past the planned time and it was a very nice, relaxing evening. I didnt let myself get into watching the clock,or feeling pressured to "get that fitness routine in".
There was a point at which i simply told myself to let go and enjoy the unplanned moment.
It's the moment where you decide to go with the flow, and forget your agenda, if only temporarily. When you discover that you are not ONLY what you have labled yourself to be, but are allowing a new part of yourself begin to form.
I am, of course, i no way advocating a laissez-faire attitude here. In order to stay productive & responsible we do need to keep our heads on straight. We cant go around pretending that our responsibilities dont exist.
But there is a time to exhale. And sooner or later you can begin to beleieve something new about yourself--- at worst- you will discover a bad habit or thought pattern, but at best you may find something positive, enriching, and deeply comforting.

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