Thursday, August 13, 2009

Vehicular Homicide

I didnt blog much yesterday , basically because :

  • a. i was really b*tchy because , once again, i didnt sleep well
  • b. as a result, i didnt do as much as i had intended which left very little to tell and
  • c. i read some of my books about insomnia and felt a bit skittish when i read that if you drive when you've been awake for longer than 15 hours and kill someone in an accident, you can be charged with vehicular homicide.
    That sort of put a damper on things, ya know?
    Truly, how many people get up at 5am , go to work, get back home after 5 pm, and then go out for a bite to eat at 7 or so? right there is 14 hours, so by the time you leave the restauraunt to drive home- you're risking being charged with HOMICIDE!?????
    For pete's sake, this is the norm for most people.
    I can see if the number was like 20 hours or so.
    At any rate, scary stuff. I guess we all should hire chauffers.
    Speaking of being guilty- has anyone got a clue as to how Obama has remained in office for even this long? I mean, this whole new healthcare reform. I cant believe he hasnt been at least threatened or shot at by now. First he takes our money (robs the peoples 401k'S) then pays out big bucks to large corporations so they can squander it on bonuses for their top ceo's(all without having to answer to ANYONE), and now he wants to put our health in the governments hands.
    Why? So he can steal our social security as well?
    These poor senior citizens have almost NO healthcare as it is, since all the new medicare reform.
    Some days , it just doesnt pay to even get out of bed
    EveryDay Adventure: i had a great run today and my husband even went along for it as well!He had to run/ walk it but he did make it the whole way.I guess that means even if he doesnt train like i do, he will still be able to use mind over matter and run the whole 5k with me in october.
    That 's good, i guess. The problem is i'm a bit jealous that he can do that.Although i know he wont ever be able to faithfully every week, and i realize that , at some point, i will surpass him because i am disciplined enough to train faithfully- i have to admit that if i had tried to run 3 1/2 miles without training at all i would not have been able to.So i guess i'll just enjoy the competition as i go.
    Last night i watched a terrific movie-"The Soloist"-about a homeless musical savant who had attended Juliard and was looking like a promising star until in about his early 20's started to develop mental illness.It was well written and Jamie Foxx played the character with skill and well-placed sensitivity.I recommend it. I also watched a version of Shakespeare"s "Much Ado about Nothing" which starred Keauna Reeves, Micheal Keaton, Emma Thompson, aand Denzel Washington from 1993. Interesting how far they"ve all come since then.(As an aside, i am going to start reviewing a movie or two each week since i watch so many. I'll most likely put the preamble in highlights so if you're trying to avoid a plot spoiler you could just skip it. )
    Until tomorrow.......


JennyMac said...

Oh..I hope you get some sleep soon!

And we just watched The Soloist a few nights ago. I loved it. Very engaging story.

Blasé said...

Hmm, do I detect a double standard, Ms Diva?

No excuses for not exercising, BUT there seems to be a lot of excuses for not blogging...

Oh yes I DID just say that.

nirvana diva said...

Thank you jenny! and i will check out your blog! blase----ooo snap!lol! i shouldnt touch that one! but i will say that i have to know where my priorities lie.if it's choosing to skip exercise vs. skipping a blog post, well....