Saturday, August 1, 2009

Running Post

A grueling 4 MILE run tonight! Hills , lotsa hills.
I am truly sore. But...i feel great that i actually conquered the one big hill i was having a hard time with, and a few others like it even!
Even though i am paying for it now.
The new running shoes i got last week are doing great. They're reebok verona kfs II's and after i got'em i saw they were rated pretty high in RunnerWorld Magazine. This week i also got a speedometer for the bike so i can ride a route first to track the distance for my run. Kills two birds with one stone.
I got some decent sleep today, about 6 hours. But for some reason i dont feel all that energized tonight despite the sleep/run combo. Maybe it's because i didnt eat veggies for dinner, just a bean burger. then had a Clif Bar when i got home. Thats ok tho, i had another eggplant/spring mix wrap tonight(yum!) still have a salad, an orange and some strawberries to eat.Also, perhaps i didnt drink enough water the past day or two.
I'll keep trying.
And wondering if i'll ever get the right combination.
Now- off to

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