Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Rude Awakening

When i wake up each day, the first thing i do is turn on my cell phone. Since i have a blackberry , my emails are sent directly to my phone. today i got a message i wasnt too pleased about.
Sometime back in june or july , my neighbor emailed me to ask if we were going to host our annual Block Party. She wanted to know because she said it was her turn to have a neighborhood party (over labor day weekend)and didnt want to infringe on ours. So i wrote back that it would be fine for her to have one & we would maybe host Halloween and do the block party again next year.About a month later , i saw her walking outside & asked which day she would be having it. She said she wasnt sure, but they had decided to have a smaller intimate gathering because of the economy. I said at that time i had taken off Saturday (originally she had asked me to make sure i was off & would be able to come).
i hadnt heard anything from her so i emailed her yesterday. Imagine my dismay when she now responded that they had decided not to have a party because the husband had started some projects & they woudnt be completed in time for a party.
The nerve.
I mean, i took off work. I conceeded NOT to have our party. And what really chapped my hide was the fact that they werent even going to tell us they werent having it.I on ly found out because i emailed her.
Somedays i just want to toilet paper houses.
I mean, that was pretty rude, right?Now i have no plans.
Anyway ,next topic.
Movie of the week: Mystic Pizza: this is another oldie but goodie depending on your mood. I hadnt seen this one for ages. Set in the late 80's at the height of the Madonna/ Cyndi Lauper/Boy george era this film features a burgoening Julia Roberts, a young Helen Hunt, and a very young & unknown Matt Damon(small role). Cool to see these guys just starting out. Funky 80's clothes & hairdo's , a smattering of sentimental songs, a campy plot typical of the teen romance scene at that time. Ahhh...memories.
Todays exercise log included a 5.5 mile bike ride followed by a 3.4 mile hilly run. My legs & back are gonna rebel tomorrow, but the upside is that Mr Scale & i have been getting along spendidly for months now. I do my thing, he does his. And we stay out of each others way. I feel the beginnings of a beautiful relationship.Harmoniuos in it's simplicity.
So now, i must get back to work..and i bid you adeiu!


Blasé said...

Excluding you and I...people basically SUCK!

Do pray tell, who is "Mr Scale"??

nirvana diva said...

that would be Mr. Bathroom Scale....