Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Results

After some browsing around last evening through various blogs i came to the conclusion that i needed some answers. Google to the rescue...

"Why do people blog?"

"In terms of why people blog, well, my belief is that it's to have a voice, however small. To think that just like the people who write those fancy opinion columns for The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, you too can share your thoughts, vent, and complain to the public at large. Having said that, there are lots of really smart bloggers who have interesting perspectives on the news, politics, sports, business, etc., people who wouldn't otherwise be heard in mainstream media."- Dave Taylor-The Business Blog at Intuitive.com

"blogging helps you feel more connected and increases your own sense of well-being. It can also allow you to express things in a public way yet that helps get things off your chest without having to do it directly."-Smartpeopleiknow.wordpress.com

"some do it for sharing opinions, for the love of writing, for money and then there are souls who blog just because everyone around them is blogging."And when you build a good reader base who check your site every morning (or several times a day), it becomes your moral responsibility not to disappoint them. They are visiting your blog site with an expectation of finding new content but when there's none, some level of disappointment will be there. "-Digital Inspiration

"I really enjoyed was watching someone new to blogging develop and emerge. Seeing their voice emerge. Like a burlesque. Peeling away the layers of clothing, the self-consciouness rising and dissolving, the tentativeness, the self-loathing, the self-pity and then BOOM - there she is! The naked Blog writer. Preferably a she"-From The Sandhilltrek blog -writer quoted Brian Moffat

Other reasons were:

  • To be heard

  • to keep a diary (!)

  • To connect with others

  • Socializing, chatting

  • money

  • passion

  • self-expression

The list was actually quite a menagerie .In fact , when it came down to it, i started to examine my own reasons as a basis for where i want to go with my own blog.I've tried to answer this question in at least two other posts.

The answer for me is there is no answer. Some days i just want to avoid sending a bunch of individual emails out to friends & family answering questions about what i've been up to.Otherdays it's because i think i have something valuable to say that may just help someone. Still other days it's because i need to vent, or i need to have a touchpoint to refer to when i look at self- analyis, or i have an interesting story to tell. Most of all i blog to give my heartfelt oppinion-like it or not.

And my intentions have , and will continue to evolve. No matter how many readers i do or dont have , or how my life changes. And, like some, there may just come a day when i i call it quits.

But not today.


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