Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Rare Treat

Slept in til 4pm today!!Sometimes i believe i sleep the best when my husband is on the 7a-3p shift- I get to sleep in my own room and dont have to share the bed with anyone!
The downside of getting up so late seems to be all the rushing i have to do to catch up.
But the upside of sleeping longer on any given day greatly outweighs(for me) any of that.So i'll take it anyway i can get it! It was so hot & humid here today, it was probably best that i was inside anyway. I even went to the gym instead of an outside run. Still ninety degrees at 8pm!
Tomorrow- off to Rootz flea market for some fresh produce.I cant wait! This is something a friend & i have done together for a few years now.We always get a fresh made sub,coffee, browse for good fruit/veggie prices , & sometimes get some keystone candles.
We always have a good time. I just hope its not so hot.
I'm still working on a new format for my blog. I have a few ideas including:
1. Motivational Mondays
2.Philosophical Fridays
3. Picking on Politics
4. a Weekly Wednesday update on my personal schedule(so friends & loved ones can keep up to date on what i'm up to)
5.More pictures and a few videos.

I have also considered a new project. "Butts of America" - where i go around taking pics of public rumps & posting them here on occasion. Sometimes a picture speaks a thousand words. I'm sure all i would have to do is hang out for an hour at the local Walmart . I could get a months worth of fat fodder .
Still working on all this. Will keep ya posted!


Blasé said...

Something tells me that "hanging out at the Walmart" is going to be slim pickings for finding quality/attractive type of Butts to take pics of.....for my taste, anyway.

nirvana diva said...

Well, thats kind of the point!spotlighting the increasing incidence of obesity in our country, and publically stating (pictorally) my complete & utter disgust about it!