Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Public Apology

I ,too, am deeply flawed.
Many times, after i post about something that incites my emotions, such as yesterdays post, i go through a "morning after" hangover of guilt about it. This usually happens when i rant & riot about my pet peeves-like non-health conscious or rude people, Walmart or politics.
So, first of all- i want to apologize publically.
Just so it's "out there" , here is a list of my own flaws:
1. i am very critical of others
2.i complain- a lot!
3.i am stubborn, cynical,b*tchy, &oppinionated
4. i nag
5.i eat sugary stuff. yes, i DO have a sweet tooth.
6.i tend to over -exercise(which is JUST AS UNHEALTHY as under-exercising)
7. i do get lazy and blow things off sometimes.
I am sure those who know me well could add to this list.And , in all fairness, i invite them to!
I am working on the above list. i am, and always will be a student of life. I, like many others, am a work in progress. Each and every day i try very hard to improve on something, even if it's only one thing. Even if it's only one comment i keep to myself, or allow myself to be reprimanded only once that day without lashing out.
Most of the time, when i make posts about the things that bother me, the underlying reason truly stems from the desire to help others.
i desperately want to help. I want to share my experiences and feelings and advice with others. i want to be there to answer any questions they have, or provide direction when i dont have the answers.
Most of the time, though, i come across like one of Jobs friends- giving advice instead of comfort.
Still working on that. My tongue is my greatest enemy.
So, in closing, i'd like to add that i am sincerely grateful for all of my friends, my family, the families that entrust the care of their children to me, the people who read & support my blog, and for the undeserved blessings bestowed upon me.

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Blasé said...

Goodness Gracious, Sweety!

Are you sure you're not a Virgo?

Settle down...take a deeeeep breath....and remember that you are Loved ;)