Friday, August 28, 2009

A Proud Moment

I am ecstatic .
I was able to run 4 straight miles in under 45 minutes tonight. But , yet, this alone is not really why.
I took a new route on a loop around a business park that i'd mapped out via bike last week. There is a hotel on this loop and while running i had the privilege of "people-watching"- one of my very fav activities.(and free , too!)
One of the hotel guests was walking this route with her daughter. This is a 2 mile loop which i had to go' round twice(one time in reverse to counter the camber).
My elation is that i am finally able to lay my guilt to rest.For about 6 months now i have been struggling with feeling bad about being predjudiced against fat people. I admit that i have been predjudiced about it almost my whole life.
When i became a Christian 4 years ago , i started to feel bad about this but was unable to get past the things like increased health care premiums , taking up 2 seats on an airplane, having to circumvent the motorized cart riders in the store, etc. All of it made me bitter & resentful that i had to be"punished" for being able to control myself at the dinner table, and being disciplined enough to exercise.The worst part was being pushed, literally pushed, by a fat person while merely trying to stand in line somewhere, trying to get at something in a store , or them trying to get past me for some reason.
I mean, i am small. It doesnt take much to knock me over if you weigh more than 200 lbs.
But tonight, i am happy to report that i have proven to myself that it is actually NOT about them being fat. (Rudeness is a whole other animal, however.)
The mother & daughter i noticed walking were definitely not slim. I would venture to say mom weighed around 175 and the kid (about 9 or 10 years old) was around 90-100.BUT--- they were actually doing something . They were acting in a health-conscious manner. They were being active.
When i first saw them i was on my maiden loop . Up ahead i could barely see the two figures. Both were running, or attempting to. It didnt last long, they stopped & started walking after only a few seconds. Right then i couldnt tell if they were young, heavy, or what since they were approxmately half a mile ahead. When i got closer their size came into focus, and as i passed them, smiling, i wondered if they had just been chasing something and really were'nt out for very long.
But as i made my second loop, i passed them again.Yes, they WERE actually walking the whole loop.My heart was singing, i was so proud.
I didnt need to know them.
I was just so happy for them.
And i was especially proud of the mom, showing a great example to her daughter.
It was also proof positive to myself that i harbor no sterotypical grudge towards someone simply being overwieght. I am not a" size-ist"!!My attitude of disgust is truly toward those who refuse to even try to exercise or eat right. It is towards those who use excuses and expect others to cater to them and dont seem to care if they inconvenience others.It is toward those whose excuses become problems that become new excuses.
So---I stand firm in my previous notion,now a reality. I dont hate fat people.....
just fat heads.

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