Friday, August 14, 2009


You gotta love this. I mean, have you ever seen anything so hilarious!? Just had to include this in todays post as a FunFactor.

Today was an interesting, yet frustrating day.
First of all, i have come to the conclusion that i am one of those rare persons who actually needs to be up many hours (like,say, 20) before i am able to sleep well.After reading more about insomia, i have discovered that there are actually some people who are "built" this way. I realized that my pattern has been being able to sleep well every other day. Funny, it never occurred to me before to look at the pattern.
So i slept well yesterday , but today not.
Anyhoo, the plan was for today to be a bike ride day, utilizing my newly aquired & quite nifty wireless speedometer on a route that will later be a running route.
My not-so-handy husband decided my bike tires were flat, and despite my objections proceeded to inflate the front tire with his electric pump,while i hand pumped the rear one. whilst i was in the throws of pumping i hear a sudden "whoosh..pop!"....and of course , the front tire tube had burst. I was absolutely furious with him since i had warned him NOT to inflate it too much. He had inflated it to the max. recommended 65psi. arrrgh!So this little mishap cost us another 1 1/2 hours of running around , wasting gas and money on a new tire tube.
This put us on the route at 8:30 pm- very dark outside and pressed for time.
Fortunately the plus side of all this was :
1.that i discovered the route to be a perfect 2 mile loop that i can do twice around for a nice mostly flat run, with very low traffic in a fairly well lit area(although i wont go alone after 8 pm)
2. it didnt take us long to bike it, i made it home in time to change for work
4. i did get to spend a little time with hubbs, and
5. It was a whole lot cooler & less humid outside at that time of night.
It all worked out in the end. See, ya just gotta see the positives
and remember- life is an adventure- everyday!


Blasé said...

ok, I'm confused.

Didn't you say that YOU pumped the 'front' one??

nirvana diva said...

lol! you're right.i messed that up! no, i pumped the rear one...editing now!