Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Path of Renewal

Well, i broke in the new wireless bike speedometer today with a glorious 20 mile ride on backroads and along a newly discovered railroad track that ran along side a winding creek!
The gravel surface made it a bit challenging, but all the better to strengthen my balance and stability. Allow me to pontificate just a bit here.
This was definitely the start of re-introducing the Everyday Adventure to my posts.
Tonight I careened along these shady lanes and road almost hand in hand with the flora & fauna surrounding me . I watched in awe as a train blew past me larger than life only a few feet away. I rode leisurely at times sighing at the lovely -hued sun setting on the horizon before me. A few wild kittens came out of the bush on my path , as well as a scurrying groundhog, a fox and some deer. I saw through the thickets an old train , abandoned and rusted out ,running parallel to the one i was on.I crossed several bridges lofty above babbling brooks and water falls and rode beneath a covered bridge .I listened to a bird and cricket orchestra.The honeysuckle and clover wafted intoxicatingly through the air, creating an ambiance fit for film.
Lovely. Just Lovely.
How many people can say they spent a good hour & a half today enjoying solitary moments shared with nature, while at the same time exercising our bodies and breathing fresh clean air?
How many times do we get to say we not only tried something new and exhilerating while increasing our knowledge of our local area?
How many days a week can we applaud ourselves for not being afraid to meet our goals of health and fitness by stepping out of that comfort zone ?
Food for thought, my friends,food for thought.

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Great Post, Great Adventure