Monday, August 10, 2009

My Weekend- In Pictures

see explanations following all the pics...

The preceding is a compilation of several things i did this weekend. First , you will see my "bumper crop" (or lack of) from my container gardening which didnt go so well this year. The little green thing was so tiny i had to pluck it to save it from further deterioration. The only plausaible thing i could actually use it for was a cat toy. Humiliating for the cucumber, delightful for the kitties.

Next you'll see a few pics from a little girls bithday party that i attended. Cute as a button and my favorite homecare case!The other girl with me in the photo is her day nurse.
After that , there's a few pics of the baby shower my mom & i threw for my brothers girlfriend.

All-in-all a very busy weekend!


Blasé said...

I'm guessing that is a Bounty papertowel that the Cucumber with a fish tail is lying on??

nirvana diva said...

actually, its a cheap generic papertowel!lol!