Friday, August 21, 2009

Keyless Karma

Today did start out ok.
We met with a life insurance agent, and actually got a decent policy within our budget.
I feel a little better knowing that if hubbs meets an untimely demise that the house & vehicles will be paid off.
I went to a tanning appointment,with hubbs in tow so that we could indulge in a nice 3.4 run along the creek afterward.
We arrived at the site , stretched few seconds and headed out in the still hot, humid evening.
After only a few seconds, hubbs trotted past me and proceeded to make his way to approximately 1/2 mile ahead of me for the next 20 minutes, much to my chagrin. I wondered "Is this possible? Can he really be in better shape than me? arrgh!"I guess i better be eating my words about surpassing him right now if this is any indication. But, i digress.
After about 2 miles, i was just starting to get in my groove when i looked down at my water bottle with the zipper pouch and to my horror noted that at some point it had come unzipped and my contents had fallen out somewhere. The contents being my Burts Bees lip balm (no biggie) and MY CAR KEY! I was in a pure state of panic.
First of all, at this point, my husband was out of sight.Somewhere along the way he had gotten even further ahead ( & how humiliating for me) . I was so upset, i made the snap decision to backtrack right away based on the fact that it would be getting dark soon.My mind was swirlling, my heart was racing and all i could think was"He's going to kill me. We only have this key. The cell phone and all other keys are locked in the car.He's going to kill me"
As i ran, then walked , then ran , then walked, desperately searching the ground , road and weeds for this key i became increasingly aware that i had made a huge mistake. I was way more than halfway back when i discovered the missing items. Why had i turned around instead of going ahead and getting my husband to help me ? After all, two sets of eyes are better than one and it was getting darker & darker.
It was taking longer to find the key than i thought. I spent the first 10 minutes swearing and the next 15 praying harder than i had in a long time.
I started devising plans in my head :
stopping at someones house to call ...who?... my cell (in the car) had all the #'s stored in it.
I could try to flag a car down to drive me back to hubbs & maybe get a ride home to get the spare key.
But the key was in the safe and the safe key was-guess where!Not to mention, so was the house key.
We didnt have a flash light and it was a long walk home. I had to leave in about an hour for better believe i was considering running deep into the woods to hide forever.
Maybe i could hitchhike a ride to the bus station, and send a letter from another state.
Just when i had resigned myself to begging for mercy and submitting to a months worth of preparing his favorite dishes while being reminded daily of my carelessness...
I look up and here comes my husband driving the car .
Yep. I hadnt even taken the key from him when we started .He had it all along. Ironically i had just found the lip balm a few seconds before.
I could have kissed him.....except that we were both swimming in sweat. He said i scared him to death, he thought i'd gotten hit by a car or abducted!And believe me, there was a point where i'd wished for either of those things rather than facing him.
In retrospect, even though it kinda ruined the evening, i still got in about 3 miles.And things worked out.We made it home and were able to laugh about it.
But most of all it taught me a very valuable lesson. I will be buying a magnetic key holder to attach to my car somewhere right before i head out to run.I will take my cell when running even when i'm with someone else .
And i will safety pin that darned zipper to within an inch of it's life from now on!

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Blasé said...

Um...I've seen a pic of hubby and either you are 5'2" 95pds....or he is 6'5" at 350pds?? That is what it appears from the pics of you and him together. Just sayin'

You SHOULD be ashamed of him outrunning you!

I like the new pic....WHOOOoo!