Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Jungle Gym

Well, made it to the gym tonight to do arms and actually got in a run- did 6mph for the frst time ever! and , i'm assuming, since i was indoors and not doing any inclines, it didnt even feel like work!
While i was lifting though a random thought occured to me as i looked around. i noticed how being there with all those people was just like it must be for animals in a forest or a jungle....everyone making a bunch of random noises while completing their designated or required tasks, seemingly oblivious of everyone else, or maybe only occasionally communicating .It just struck me as odd that we are so like the animal kingdom in many ways, even though we rarely acknowlegde just how much!
Unfortunately i am here with a baby tonight who just doesnt want to sleep. So, i will be unable to post much. Be back tomorrow if all goes well.

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