Monday, August 17, 2009

Health Care Reform- Let's Start with The Biggest Problem.

After much soul-searching (and some advice from my husband) i have decided NOT to do a "butts of the week " post.The fact is that while i really do get annoyed when i see people who are not making their health a priority, i also would be in the wrong for making fun of said people by poking fun at their obvious problem .So what i have opted to do instead is post these pics i took at a local Walmart a few days ago.Keep in mind that i was only there for about TEN MINUTES. and in that time , the obesity problem in our country was so blantantly obvious that i had more of a problem getting my camera to load fast enough to take the pics than i did finding the objects of my project.

Notice that not every pic is of overly obese persons but that each one does reflect the growing need for health care reform in our country. And i am not talking about the one currently in debate. I'm talking about the need for reduced benefits and higher premiuims for those who continue to abuse their bodies in ways that are preventable (life style choices)& that cost health-conscious consumers higher & higher premiums year after year in our country.Reducing benefits paid also for disablity, social security,and increased costs to accomodate those persons as handicapped in public domains.I'm talking about drastically reduced health care costs for those who are able to prove active , ongoing participation in increased health ( as evidenced by low cholesterol levels, lowered blood pressure, normal or close to normal blood sugar levels,ability to pass induced stress tests, etc,) including provable time spent each week exercising , and eating healthier foods.
I realize there would be some difficulty putting every single person into the same category. I know that there are a few reasons why certain individuals can be excused . but i say that with extreme hesitation, and many reservations.
I remember when i was still smoking(quit now 5 years!)i would read a line somewhere about how or why certain people couldnt quit and , in my mind, would tell myself it was ok to keep smoking since there was a reason - an excuse- for me.I was one the exceptions, i was special. I was too stressed, didnt have the time, etc.
I can tell you now, if i had spent less time trying to find excuses than actually "working"on the problem, i'd have quit alot sooner.In many, many things i've overcome i can say the same.
And if i had been forced into quitting by ,say ,having to pay double health care premiums or not being allowed to smoke on the property at my work place, it would have been even quicker.
At any rate,
Even though i dont have all the solutions...
Even though some of my suggested solutions may not be the answer....
And even though what i personally did to create a better healthier life for myself may not be right for every person....
i stand whole- hearted ly by the following:
1. i will be an advocate for healthy lifestyle changes in spite of all the excuses i hear and in spite of all opposition
2. i will continue to set an example of prioritizing the health of our human bodies to my freinds, family, and especially children
3.I will never agree that it is ok to reward those who intentionally abuse their bodies year after year by giving them benefits that are paid for by the taxpayers.
4. i will never agree that it is ok to take care of other things in your life more than a place God calls His temple.If He took the time to specify it in writing , i'm gonna take it seriously.
And you can hate me all you want.


Blasé said...


nice pics....NOT

nirvana diva said...

yes, a bit "preachy." sorry about that!i am not without sin myself, after all!