Monday, August 3, 2009

Eating Perspectives

So, i spent a really great time Saturday night with a friend i found on Facebook. Gotta love facebook. This is a someone i hadnt seen in 2o years! we were best friends in high school and i really missed her. Up until the whole FB thing, i had lost touch with so many people .
The one thing i regret is the menu from that night, which could only be described as "Meat Fest".
And , oh yeah, a paltry side of salsa.(boy , did i pay for that one all night long. )
It's weird, but sometimes when you spend as much time as i do on healthy living, you get into culture shock when you go "out there".
It's unbelievable to me what people shove into their bodies, day in /day out.
I mean , it tasted good- shrimp, beef kabobs, turkey on the grill. But my bowels were howlin!
On a daily basis , i usually get produce a'plenty. I eat mostly raw veggies & fruits, protein shakes, energy bars.
And I like to prepare all my food fresh(at home). I dont really care for eating out . Part of that is the paranoia -of not knowing how the food is prepared (sneaky fat added) or if the preparer washes their hands(Note the upsurge in e. coli in the news).
The other part is due to feeling like total crap after eating it whenever i do. Sorta like someone added lead pants to my lower anatomy.
Now, dont get me wrong. I love my sweets. Put a birthday cake, or some cookies, or m& m's in front of me & i NEED to have some.
But "some" means a limited amount.
Additionally, the sedentary lifestyles that people lead astound me. There are some that even brag about it!
" i just like to lay around & drink beer-hehe(belch)"
I can tell you, more often than not, i am the definite oddball at most gatherings.
Sometimes i even walk away in a daze thinking"What is wrong with me? how did i get this neurotic about exercise & nutrition? people must think i'm a complete nerd!"
But then i get home,
peel off my clothes ,
and know that i can look in the mirror , and not be too awful disappointed with those muscles.

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Blasé said...

I don't think you're a "nerd". I think you are one smart and fun type of woman, the kind of woman that most men are looking for...imho

I'm sure hubs knows that he's got the best thing out there.