Monday, August 3, 2009

Dear Diary

Afriend of mine told me tonight that my posts have changed- they used to be more philosophical, now they are more like a diary. I have to agree.
There was a point when i explained to the world(the small world who actually reads my blog) that i would be going through a growth spurt and would no longer be posting as an attempt to win readers or in a commercial /public interest sort of way.
I've been upholding that and hopefully, in a world where so many blogs are geared toward readership, i keep the unique position of remaining personal and true to self. I like to "keep it real" as they say.
Still, there are moments when i feel the need to share something that i hope will enlighten someone, somewhere out there on the planet.
And i that vein , i am considering a revamp of style once again. Killing two birds with one stone, it may just even help with with my own personal growth.
So, tonight , in an effort to begin the process, i'll be once again exploring some new blogs and visiting some old favorites.
After all, the life just cant be worth writing about unless we expand our horizons.
Peace out.


Blasé said...

Assuming you don't have many is simply because they don't know you are out there/blogging.

I got my following by searching/browising the blogosphere and leaving comments and inviting them to read mine. Unfortunately, that ability to browse has been disabled or something. Click on a word in your interest such as a music should open the blogosphere to all bloggers that have that name in their interest, too. Well, it's not working anymore.

Having your pic showing as a follower/hooking up with other bloggers as you did mine will also give exposure to YOUR blog.

I personally would not blog if I didn't have any readers. My purpose is to contribute to others in making them Think and Laugh...

As far as you changing in your blog, just be yourself and post whatever you want to blog about.

nirvana diva said...

thanks blase, that sounds like good advice!i am doing some soul searching and research.btw- i do enjoy your blog vey much and am glad you found me!