Sunday, August 23, 2009


My tiny Herb Garden.

I have posted before many times of my Everyday Adventures. Just to recap, it is my solemn and deeply felt belief that no matter where we live or how mundane our circumsatnces that there is an adventure to be had every single day.I have even tried it out (in my mind) pretending to be hospital bed bound, working in an office cubicle every day, and even as a lonely housewife or bachelor(ette).And without fail, i can always conjure up a way to find an adventure in some way.It doesnt take an African safari, or pirates on the high seas(although this is what i imagine myself as when i'm getting in the mindset).It doesnt take money, or power or even physical mobility (once you get the hang of it).

A perfect example of this is a nine year old quadrepalegic i used to care for. Without even the ability to move her own head she found ways to see herself playing soccer, doing ballet, and petting her cats.From her bed or wheelchair she visited exotic lands(on the discovery or history channel) and competed in tv game shows against her peers. Using just her breath through a straw , she played video games, worked a computer and whizzed herself around the house chasing her siblings with laughter and joy.

It's all a mind set.Adventure can be as simple as opening your front door and taking a walk under the stars.It can be watching a family of rabbits or squirrels from your deck. It can be challenging yourself to do something out of your ordinary. It can be having a party, going to the library, driving to a local park, or just about ANYTHING!-YOU, yes, you- make it the adventure.

My first adventure today was trying a new grocery store- thereby turning the mundane and dreaded task into something wonderful.

I got to see a whole new tribe of people.

I noticed new varieties of food.

The parking lot was a different maze to solve.

The restaurant next door hinted of savory delights.

Finding my usual items was likened to a treasure hunt.

Sounds like visiting a foreign land, huh?

When i arrived back at my usual digs , i didnt let it end there!

You see,grocery day for me can be a real chore. It's a lot of lifting, packing, re-packing, more lifting , etc. And i am almost ALWAYS left to do it on my own, taking requests for needed/ desired items from my husband & son prior to the day. On top of that i have to make the list, prepare the meals and budget the menu out. Ugh...allllllll that negativity. And it is, if you chose to look at it as such. But a while back i started to see it differently. Not only trying different stores, but also noting this little caveat.

Since i have to make room in the fridge for all the new stuff, i get to have a sweet little buffet of the leftovers all to myself.

It makes for a very unconventional treat. Ameal like i would never have any other time.For instance- today i got to finish up the last 2 spoonfuls of fat-free whipped topping, two meat free sausage patties, last nites leftover rolls were panini'd with the last of the turkey deli meat, and then there was a gorgeous bounty of sliced, gingered, fresh peaches . All that swallowed down with some gourmet coffee .

2 hours later i was off for my run. This is another adventure, because as you know from previous posts, i try a new route pretty often. It's a great safari- wildlife , dodging obstacles, & even finding some history at times.

So, next time you're looking at your "boring day " - re-think it!

And if you cant come up with an new perspective- email me or leave a comment. I'll help!!


Secrets said...

Well Done!


Blasé said...

.. did you see any unique Butts at the Grocery Store?