Saturday, August 29, 2009

10 Secrets About Me

which are no longer secrets , obviously!
1. i used to have an imaginary friend named Zutsi when i was about 8 or 9. He was a large pink & white dog .
2.i have a wishbone fetish. i absolutely cannot throw away any wishbones. I currently have a large collection of them hidden away in a dark cabinet.i have no idea why i do this. and , no, i do not use them in any voo doo rituals!
3.i cannot live without my burts bees lip balm.if i was stranded on a desert island , and had to chose only one item from home to have this would be my choice.
4.i have always had a crush on Lurch from the Adams Family.tall, dark & gruesome ,i guess.
5.i ask myself the same question every day. "what is wrong with me?" i may never have the answer.Maybe it's just menopause.
6. even though i just completed my degree, a huge part of me wonders if i still want to be a nurse
7.i hide stashes of sugary items from my husband so that only i can eat them, He still doesnt know about the big bag of peanut M&M's ....
8.i get really mad at myself for being so sensitive's just as hard for me to make myself exercise as it was 15 years ago.i have to talk myself into it everytime.
10.Strange things fascinate me-tombstones,groundhogs, stuff in other peoples grocery carts,the kama sutra, and surfers- to name just a few.


Blasé said...

#6 we need nurses, and you are good at it, I'm sure

#8 stop being so sensitive! ;)

nirvana diva said...

thanks for the encouragement!