Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Zoom, Zoom!

I know..it's been a few days since i posted. So , just an update.
I spent saturday the 4th at a nice little cook out with some friends and consumed not only a large slice of cheesecake, but an entire bottle of wine by myself. I really felt that the next day.
Sunday i got groceries and went for an awesome motorcycle ride. It was the first time i went 120 mph in over a decade!the last ride we barely hit 100!spent about an hour at pinchot park where i hadnt been for about 1oo years and that was nice too.
Everyday Adventure:And then today(drumroll , please!) ...i went for my first outdoor run.I went approx. 2 miles or so including hills! and on pavement!But i have to admit, i had to walk part of the 2 steeper hills. still including that, i went a total of 2.8 miles.
On the downside, i have had terrible allergies for the past two days and it (along with poor sleep) have really been hindering my study activities. My head wants to explode, my nose is dry , runny, and irritated and my eyes feel like they're gonna pop out any second.i've taken claritin, flonase, and astelyn nose spray along with coating my nostrils with petroleum jelly & i swear, i'm still miserable.
If this keeps up past weds, i'm cancelling my test and going to the doctors(in case it's a sinus infection).
I'm still studying, but i am not retaining as much as i could if i had slept and felt better.I dont wannn lose $300 by failing over it.
At any rate, i am still having daily Funfactors by locating different 5k runs in the area and measuring distances of places i can potentially run outdoors. I also noted today that it doesnt really cool off til after 7:30, not 7, so i'll have to adjust my schedule.
I'm still not doing very well on my practice tests, but i got a 72% today which is up from the 68%.
This weds . i will be having lunch with my daughter to discuss upcoming wedding plans. And then, saturday, i am having dinner with an old high school friend that i havent seen in 20 years!!I am so excited- she & I had the most fun i've ever had in my life with anyone while i was growing up. I'm so glad i joined Facebook at times.
Asta la vista!

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