Friday, July 31, 2009

Stupidity at its Finest(my own of course)

Another day of jilted plans. I just want to emphasize to everyone out there that , obviously(for me at least) being a nurse doesnt mean you dont screw up your own medication schedule!
After forgetting to take my prescriptions for the sinus infection on time last night, i re-adjusted taking the 3p & 10p doses to 10p & 5a. This wouldve been fine (since i am awake at both times) but when i got home & went to bed at 8a, i forgot i took them at 5a. I proceeded to go ahead & take my other meds (on the regular schedule) and low & behold, i spent the next 2 hours with a throbbing headache, pounding heart, diarrhea, and shaking /shivering uncontrollably. I literally thought i was either going to have a heart attack or pass out & not wake up.
Lesson learned.Gonna start using that stupid pill box sorter again i guess.
Actually, i just went ahead & decided to do another thing i'm not supposed to do. i just stopped taking the sinus prescription stuff even though i had another 4 days to go. i just cannot even think about going through that again!
My original plans were to get a great days sleep , tan , schlepp outside for a run or head to the gym and then, feeling awesome, head into work. The fantasy that was.
Instead i got to sleep at 10a, woke at 3;30 p(unable to go back to sleep) spent the next several hours trying to get my head on straight( soooo dizzy & sleepy) then picked up my son , laid down to sleep unsuccessfully for 2 hours & off to work an 9 hour shift. NOT the fantasy.
The moral of the story?
Heck, there are so many here i wont even begin.


Blasé said...

..the moral of the story is-

I'm starting to worry about you.

ps-Please don't die on me :(

nirvana diva said...

i know, i know..thats what my mom says!lol!