Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Spending time with a mental attitude of flexibility tonight has been a crowning touch on this weeks theme of peace & restoration in my life. After hiking Sunday & a great motorbike ride, then getting back to running Monday(with an attitude geared toward achievement) todays Yoga and spiritual discussion with a friend turned into another level gained in my peace walk.
Totally unexpectedly.
I had planned on arriving at 5p, leaving around 6:30 p, maybe catching my hubbs softball game , then going home to wrap up the details of things before work.
Yeah , that was the plan.
But somehow the universe shifted in my favor.
I spent a leisurely time enjoying the beauty of her eclectic home and property. Visiting with her horses(full size & miniature) , her miniature donkey, and dozens of lanky farm cats i felt right at home to my very core.We eventually ,made our way to a screened in gazebo, tucked away behind some outbuildings and stables for a quick yoga session, and then began discussing our spiritual views . The conversation ebbed & flowed so easily and i found myself there til 8pm!!
When i got home i tried to proceed with my plans , but i heard my dog whining & sauntered down to see what was up (feeling sorry for her) and got sucked in by that sad, yet friendly face & wagging tale begging for a walk.I left immediately with her in tow and stopped along the way twice to converse with some neighbors.
I felt so at ease, at peace, and calm at the end of the evening . I said to myself" Now, i really DID have time to get it all done. I just didnt think i did." And i didnt even allow myself to stress about it at all.
Sometimes the peace of God does pass all knowledge.And He opens up the universe to let us in for a glimpse.
Maybe i will be able to enjoy my summer after all.....


Blasé said...
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Blasé said...

You have one of the better Blogs out there. If you don't mind, I'm going to attach my Cool Shades to your web page.