Tuesday, July 28, 2009

RainTales & a shout out to my Mamma!

Went for a nice hike today. hubbs & i finally found some good ones on our motorcycle ride yesterday.White Rocks park near dillsburg, pa. seems to offer a great variety of options . you can also connect to the appalachian trail at 1.3 miles out.So we walked around a bit there- lotsa bugs. I was hoping it would be a good trail run also, but at about 0.5 miles in it started a steep incline. When i do decide to trail run, i need a flatter one initially.
After that, we came home & i went for a run, 3.4 miles plus a 0.7 mile up hill hike on the way back. It statred to pour and i became very irritable that my husband, who opted for a bike ride , wouldnt answer the phone to come get me. so i trudged on. It took me an HOUR to get home . i could barely see with the rain in my face.
But i learned a few valuable lessons:
1. I can only rely on myself(of course)
2. start wearing a baseball cap just in case.
3. bring a ziplock in my zipper pouch to protect my phone & ipod from getting soaked

I guess i could check weather immediately before i leave also, but that seems a hassle & they are only right about 50% of the time.

on another note, i wanted to mention that i have become more aware of my gratefulness to my mother these past few days. This has come to mind as i have been outdoors more- walking, running, biking & hiking.
When i was young and as i grew, my mother took us along with her on her excursions to various wooded areas, creeks , and boulder sites, as well as camping, and some minor hiking ventures. Now as i do some of these same things i really notice how many plants i am able to identify that i wouldnt have known otherwise. I also have become grateful that, even though my mom isnt really leading an "active" lifestyle, that some of the background she gave me has lead to my living one and appreciating the outdoors , unlike so many of todays adults & children!I may never have known the joy of bathing in an ice cold stream, or sleeping in a lean-to, or roasting corn over a campfire if not for her. Thanks mom!
Gotta go!

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