Thursday, July 9, 2009

Only 2 more days

And i am still not happy with my progress. I now have 3 darned books on taking this NCLEX_RN and i am not doing so hot on the practice tests. I have come to surmise that i just dont get what answer they want when it comes to delegation & planning, and they are just plain confusing as to the explanation of the answer. One time it says always choose "assess" first, the 2 questions later they say assess comes second.The whole drop & drag thing throws me off too.
Like it will say to prepare something then check equipment safety, but another question will be the the opposite.
I dont mind the math questions, got them down. And i am getting a little better with meds(not great, by any standards) . I guess whatever will be , will be.
I ran my second outdoor run yesterday- went a different route trying to find the best one. It turned out to be about 2 miles(i checked it this morning in my car). Ok, gotta run- i had to turn this kid, and of course now he will be awake the rest of the night. Glad i took off tomorrow - i'll not get much studying done tonight again, as usual for this case.

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