Monday, July 13, 2009

My Changing Lifestyle

As of tonight it has been one full week of insane allergy problems. No matter what i do, or don't do my head is ready to burst. I don't have a fever, or a cough- so probably not an infection. But it sure is miserable.
I spent my evening re-potting my container veggies.Hopefully i will have better luck with them now. I was able to lounge in my deck chair & eat cherry tomatoes right off the vine yesterday though. They were quite sweet & delicious.I am thinking- GREENHOUSE.Maybe some year, anyway.
I sat on my front porch tonight in the dark before work (trying to breathe) and looking up at the night sky. Again i wondered how it is that my life is so different at this year compared to last year. I dont seem to have the time to walk the dog at night enjoying the stars and cool breezes anymore.Last year by this time i had been to the beach for two weeks and was getting ready to leave for ohio-which i kinda hope doesnt get offered to me this year-and after that i went camping and then back to the shore in november.i was really into yoga as well, which has gone completely to the wayside.
This year, i did go to vermont, but my next vacation isnt til september.And i am now into this running thing.
(Friday i went to the gym in the early afternoon. I ran 2 miles on the treadmill, lifted a bit , then later went for a 10 mile or so bike ride. i wound up on a really cool little gravel road where wildlife was abundant. The bad part was that the way there was all down hill. so naturally the way back ......Long story short, i probably wont be taking that route again since i had to push the bike up hill a few times. I am definitely not in that kind of biking shape.But, i digress.)
This year i have been into the gardening thing and planning these little parties and have had a lot of school stress.
It just amazes me how quickly life changes. I really miss those night skys, and even more so, i am starting to miss my old house with the bigger yard, away from so many neighbors.Sometimes i think i got more out of life there.
I remember vividly when i first moved there from the city. It was a whole new world!!
I guess the bottom line here is that life just keeps changing, and some stuff is here only for a season.The trick is to navigate with care, and remember to plant memories along with your many gardens!

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