Wednesday, July 1, 2009

More Teen Trouble

Well, today was exciting. Found out my son had taken my husbands car without permission to pick up his girlfriend one morning when i was sleeping & hubbs was at work. Then on top of that , he lied about it when confronted. I left the discipline up to my husband on this one, and he got away with a pretty light sentence of 3 weeks without seeing his girlfriend and having to do extra chores when my husband tells him to.
Right now, we have a friend of his staying at our house for a week because his apartment got flooded out & he has no where to go. The kid seems nice, if a bit slow. I certainly hope THIS doesnt become an issue, but it wasnt my decision on either thing. I've decided to go with the biblical reference to allowing the husband to be the head of the household.Less stress on my part.
Dont know why i fought it all these years.
This is yet another way i can simplify my life.And i am finding God's way much better than my own.I do have a friend who , i am sure , will find some way to disagree with some of this because you gotta be "in it" to understand.You gotta have a family, children of your own, and have been married for years to "get it".
Plus, it really helps to have a personal, not just doctrinal, relationship with God.
On another note, i am having sleep difficulties again and cannot figure out how to stabilize my continuous insomnia. I slept til 5:30 yesterday & it was wonderful. Today, i woke at 12:30, and couldnt fall back asleep. It sucks, and i am tired.
I tried getting rid of caffeine before with little difference. i only drink 2 -3 cups when i get up , none after 7pm. I 've tried everything it seems....sigh.

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