Thursday, July 30, 2009

Modern Inconveniences

Sometimes i just make life so darned inconvenient for myself.
In my quest to stay entertained & organized, efficient and sane, i am starting to believe that there's been some irony here.
Let me explain.
All my adult life i have sought to get in as much as possible into each day, each hour, and, yes, even each minute (when the mood struck).This has meant increasing my awareness of ways to multitask more & more effectively. In my mind, i knew this was how it had to be...or i thought so.
Now, at some point this "game" i've been playing with my self for years on end has done a 360 on me.
Somehow, keeping myself organized has become an additional task in itself- necessitating lists,a central family posting board,time spent returning things to assigned places,and a few calendars(as well as an appointment book, a cell phone directory, a rolodex, a filing cabinet, a filing box for business cards....whew!)
Just thinking about organizing my organization makes my head spin.
This week , i must be on a roll with "reflections" . By this i mean i've been asking myself often "Is this what i really want to do with my time & energy for the next 10, 20 or more years? If not, what DO i want to be doing?"I actually havent come up with the answer to that second part. But i have begun diligently thinking about the first part.
The other night for instance the mental topic was "i do believe i am too scheduled. how can i fix that?"This was what prompted the recent posting on restoration.
Tonight , as i trudged into work in the rain , carrying my 3 bags and a fold up bag chair (don't ask) i went over & over how i could have gone through so many ways to carry my needed items from day to day. I wont even go into that here. Suffice it to say there's been money spent, and too many times changing items from one bag to another, as well as adding & deleting bags constantly. I just cant seem to get a handle on this.Nothing is consistently effective from one night to the next, or one case to the next.
Secondly, tonight as i went to hook up my laptop, i lamented about having to pull it out of it's (gulp) "bag", get out the wireless card , hook up the plug to the wall & back of the computer and then insert and additional item- earplugs- into another port.Yes, all of these items are necessary. What a huge time consumer. Why cant they just put all this crap into the side of the laptop? A pull out cord, earplugs and maybe some kind of code from verizon to access secure internet instead of this stupid inserted device?
Yeah, i could stop bringing my computer. But try sitting in a small room for 8 hours, usually on an uncomfortable chair, with very little light and very minimal noise (to keep the kid asleep).I NEED to watch movies, play on the net, and sometimes read.I know some people would are wondering what am i complaining about- sounds like an easy job. And , it kind of is.But the boredom can kill you, discomfort can make you bitter & disgruntled.And worst of all, you can get fired if you fall asleep.So here i am....
Still working on my self-imposed inconveniences.
And still wondering how it all got so complicated along the way.....sigh.

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