Monday, July 27, 2009

Getting well

Well, finally friday, i hit the wall....what i thought was horrible allergies for two weeks was actually a brewing sinus infection. i suffered allllll night thurs, couldnt wait to sleep only to be awakend twice- 9:30 & 11 am not being able to breathe at all thru my nose, my face hurt, head hurt- everything. i caved and went to the dr.'s at 1:30.
I am SOOOO glad i did. my infection was so severe that it was draining into my ears, my lymph glands were swollen and i had actual complete closure in my nostrils with scabbing!!!inside!my frontal sinus cavities were so full and inflammed they couldnt drain themselves properly(down my throat) so it went elsewhere to fester.
Anyhoo, doc put me on 10 day coarse of prednisone and an antibiotic with a follow up at a specialist.
i started the medicine friday afternoon and by about 6pm, i could breathe somewhat thru one nostril and could finally get some sleep. i called off work and slept 12 hours, then another nap sat day, then off sat night & slept recouperatively.

upside is that today i feel 100% better!!! i went to church, then ran a 5k in 32:10, did an arm workout after, then hubbs & i took a motorcycle ride through the mountains in God's beautiful kingdom!went home, weeded, transplanted,caught up on misc. housework and reading, then off to work. back hurts a whole lot but i am just sooooo relieved to be able to breathe well. To think if i'd put it off anylonger! doc said it would've spread and i could've become septic.Thanks everyone for your prayers- God listened & sent me to the doctors!


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