Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Get out of the Boat & walk on that water!

Now that i have accomplished my goal and passed my exam, i am an RN!
I've started to notice lately that there are many people out there that just seem to stay in one place in life. There are so many excuses.I do believe i've heard them all.Here is just a smattering of them:

1."I'm just too old "
2."I'm not really sure why I keep putting it(changing things for the better)off"
3."I have alot of pain"
4."well, i've just got too much time invested in ...(the way i already am)"
5." someday i will have the time to....(do something to help myself)"
6. "My life is just too busy to ....(see above in paratheses)"
7."My life will never change, it's pretty much the way it will always be"(gasp!)

Of course , the words in paratheses are my words, added in to silently fill in the blanks for these unmotivated souls.I do believe what it comes down to is one of two things- Fear or laziness.
there, i said it.
and i'm not taking it back.
Now, there is warranted fear , as well as unwarranted.Fear of someone holding a gun to your head is obviously justified.Someone offering you an opportunity outside of your comfort zone is not.
From what i can see , a whole big percentage of americans are just plain lazy as well.
Inner dialogue:
"It would just be too much work"
"i really dont feel like it"
"it's just easier to keep going just like i am, since i'm already an expert at that"
It is the reason people dont lose weight, why they dont go back to school, why they spend half the day in front of tv, and why their spouses, children and friends are usually doing the same.Do they even realize how they affect others around them?why our children are obese and waiting for the privileges that they feel are just "owed" to them?And since these kids eventually get jobs,is it any wonder there's no customer service anymore?
As a physically active, continually educated , and motivated person i find it appalling that there are so many in the same jobs, living in the same place, eating the same foods, and looking at the same 4 walls that they have for 10 plus years.
Sometimes i just want to scream-"At least change the color scheme!!"
Of course i recognize there are exceptions- terminal illness, living in a third world country, catching schrapnel in your face by accident.
But really, does the lack of learning have to end for the majority of the world?Is it acceptable that we sit on our butts blaming circumstance or other people for the state our lives are in? Get some courage , people. Have a little faith. And if you are a Christian- walk on that water!
Now do i have to push you in???

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