Friday, July 17, 2009

Get Fresh with me!

FunFactor:Whenever i get out for a late run or go to the gym on the treadmill or go for a bike ride lately, i wind up sweating like a man(and smelling like one, too) that necessitates another rinse in the tub right before work. It's an awesome feeling to slip into a a few inches of hot water , soak for a few minutes, rinse & recondition my hair, lather up and scrub my face.
I have found that since i've been doing cardio that's been a great side benefit i hadnt counted on.I get all those endorphins revved up in my body and then get to re- refresh myself right before work- giving me a wonderful boost and burst of energy that lasts at least half the night. It's like a new feeling of "aliveness"!!
The bad part about the cardio is that i am ravenous when i get home & tend to grab the quickest thing i can find. Lately, it's been M&M's(leftover from my luau).
Never-the-less, i am enjoying this exhilerating change in my schedule & energy level for as long as it lasts.I do believe the secret to keeping it going is to change it up every few weeks.
Tonight, i used the "random" button on the treadmill. It just about killed me , but i ran 29:01 minutes.Lots of hills. Then i did my weightlifting leg work out. Now , since i do my cardio beforehand, i dont have to superset to get my heartrate up. i am able to do just one exercise at a time, taking proper rest in between, enabling me to do gradual increases in weight. Also, since i'm not burning out on my 4 sets of 10-12 reps, i can experiment with variations on standard stuff like the leg press.
At any rate, it's been a blast.
I do , however , have to figure out a better after workout snack. Been doing blueberry protein shakes most of the week pre-workout, and i eat nuts a few times a week at work, so they are not options.i eat fruit EVERY night, along with raw veggies. so i'm kinda stuck. Any suggestions?

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