Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Few Lessons

After re-reading a few old posts i notice that i have forgotten about FunFactors & Everyday Adventures for quite some time now. This is quite a reflection on my life in general, i guess.
When i started this blog , i had plenty of ideals that i wanted to express, different changes i wanted to make , and goals i wanted to accomplish. Then the countdown to my clinicals happened, followed by the recent studying for my NCLEX-RN.
The other day , i glanced outside my window (instead of looking up from outdoors)at the moon & stars and started wondering why i havent had the time to enjoy the night sky like last year, when my entire reason for starting the blog was to simplify, grow, appreciate more, slow down, and have more because of less.
Some of the reasons i came up with (in addition to the clinicals and test) had to do with my daughter moving in and the difficulties my son has been giving me in his senior year of high school.
Now that my daughter has moved out, and my son has graduated and will be moving out in the fall, i anticipate that i can begin anew with my pursuit of happiness.
Starting with my vacation, at the very least.
But first, a few lessons i've learned so far.
1. "You teach people how to treat you"- In other words, if you keep bailing someone out,or letting someone disrespect you, or you wait hand & foot on everyone- this is what you are "training" them to expect. And they will live up to those expectations.
2."Growth spurts are usually followed by a period of stagnation"-i went through one (spiritually) for about 5 months, then all of a sudden i felt like i was in the void. It drove me crazy, and i couldnt pin it to anything. Then, i realized that , over the years, there has always been a pattern . And that for each up , there's a down- yin & yang, etc.It helped, because now i know there will be another growth period in the future, so i neednt be depressed!
3.That some of my ideas won't work out- for instance, i have gone back to wearing watches after i forgot it or lost it several times. i need this item for work, and wearing it daily was the only realistic solution.But that's ok too, because some of my other ideas worked really well.Like giving up the blonde highlights- saved money, time, my hair , and the hassle.
4. That many times what is perceived as rejection is only that- a perception . And usually, after a while, the lightbulb comes on to reveal something about the situation that was overlooked or buried under an emotional reaction. For instance- the Facebook girl i posted about-it dawned on me that it was only her "failure to launch" that kept her from being my friend, and it wasnt really about me per say.And another thing- remenber i fretted over my social networking page not being as "busy" as others? I realized one morning it's because i'm not on it all day , off & on , like those people.Therefore i don't have "all day" conversations.
So there, how's that for growth?
I 've come a long way, baby. So here we go again.
FunFactor: Throwing food into my compost pile or garbage disposal instead of the trash. i dont know why, but just helping the environment like that thrills me.Everyday Adventure:Looking for roads to jog on , driving around clocking the mileage from point A to B, excited about running that 5 k in the fall!!!
And,By the way, this is my second post of the day...i'm on a roll!!!

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Blasé said...

When one learns #2, one learns a whole lot.