Thursday, July 16, 2009

Brain Cancer is Bad

Tonight i am here with a little 7 year old with stage 4 metastatic brain cancer.It is very sad. A perfectly normal child until age 6. I cannot begin to imagine the pain & anguish a parent must go through when these things happen. I know i would at the very least feel like my life was over.It is beyond sad, beyond overwhelming, beyond normal grief.
It puts ones whole life in perspective in an instant.
I wish i could tell you more of the circumstances here because the total picture makes it even worse. But confidentiality prevents me from going into detail.
On another note, i had a pretty good evening. I went to Bunco with some neighborhood ladies and we , as usual, didnt have enough people to play, so we just sat & chatted (a metaphor for gossip).It always kinda sucks when i gotta go to work after because i have to leave early. But this is life.

A lot of people are still asking me what i plan on doing now that i am an RN. I really don't have any new plans. I've narrowed down 3 hospitals to which i plan on applying, unless i see something exciting in the paper(unlikely) or hear of a great opportunity.I have also considered talking with a few neighborhood nurses for references.But none of this will occur until i get my official paperwork and until after september(vacation).
My main focus now will be changing to preparing for a baby shower, an engagement dinner, vacation, and a 5k run.I also have both of my kids birthdays, and a favorite clients birthday coming up.
Still trying to figure out my garden stuff. Even went to the library yesterday & got some books. But i still will need advice and need my mom to come help me.She knows about this stuff. I am such a novice.
OK, signing off....

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