Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Will they ever stop Needing us?

I awoke today looking at a slew of text messages. 3 from my daughter concerning her car situation. Her inspection expired and the garage said she needed so much done , it wasnt worth fixing. Since her credit is less than desirable, she cannot get her own. We had told her we couldnt co-sign because they would come after us if she couldnt pay, and it would kill our credit rating. So her boyfriends parents were trying to co-sign for her. Aparrently they were denied, so i was upset about how she was going to get around and her driving with an expired inspection sticker. So , after talking with hubby, we decided i could try with us co-signing.
Since i had gotten up later than usual-trying to make up fo the long wake period yesterday following a night off- i was already behind. I changed my plans to include taking her to our Honda dealer to at least ask some questions.Fortunately before we left, we found out her boyfriends parents were able to co-sign for the car for him. Anyway, then she tells me she needs these nursing shoes for graduation.....so instead of going to the gym, and some other stuff, i wound up running her around to 3 different stores. We didnt get home til 8:30 then had to walk the dog,pack lunches, drop my time slips and go to work.
Additionally, the saga of my sons graduation problems continue to fall on my shoulders. I had to take him to school saturday, got the grad pic day mixed up, realized we needed a form for that and had to pay the photographer the day of the pics(tues.) So i wanted to go get the forms this morning but they are closed mondays. i had to text my son to tell his girlfriend to get the form at the school office today(she did thank God!) . Now i have to race home form work in the morning to take him to school for commencement rehearsal, and get his class picture- making sure he wears the permitted shoes and pants- he has to get a ride home while i sleep. then we drop him off for the ceremony at 6:45 .my parents are meeting us at 6;15.
On top of all that, i know his dad hasnt made plans(well, any REAL plans) to attend because i know he failed to write down or call my son about the details, so i texted him on the way to work that he would need a ticket for tomorrow- hoping he would call & get details. No word so far.
Ok, only a few more months and i can breathe!

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