Friday, June 12, 2009

The Second Round- completed!

well...2 graduations completed...and i am so proud! My daughter even won an award for excellence in caring for the elderly- the only award that came with a check (for $100)!The ceremony was nice, but short. And , there was cake & cookies afterwards- ugh...more time on the treadmill next week.I have truly been eating like crap this week!
Now, i can move on to planning for the party. I have several books for ideas and have already purchased some items, plus have started re- arranging furniture.I imagine there will be some overnighters so i will need to make room. My daughter has moved all her stuff out ( minus a tv) so i will have to go clean that room--lots of dust!
Saturday morning i leave with my brother to visit our dad in virginia. I'll be tired as heck after working the night before. But fortunately he always does the driving in lieu of gas $.I should have more pictures to post as soon as my mom sends them.
I also have to find time to get groceries soon.. why this has become such a problem i dont know. I thought after the kids were grown & all but gone, things would get easier.Seems like i just got older!!!


Blasé said...

I came across you Blog via 'The Family Stone'.

Goodness! I really luv your blog. But I don't see that you have a 'followers box'??

I enjoy stimulating folks to 'Think and Laugh'. My Blog is occasionally PG-13 and I have folks following from all walks of life and creeds. It's diverse.

I watched some of the Jon Voight thingy. I don't buy into Politics no matter how you look at it. Our government has sold out our Nation (both Repugs and Dems). It's just a hodgepodge of Greed and Self-Centeredness.

Come and visit me sometime. Pretty pic of your family.

nirvana diva said...

Thanks for the comment! i rarely get any. I used to have a followers box, but had only one follower for so long it was just takinhg up space. Now all i have is the rss feed option.I will check out your blog right now....since i'm up all night!