Monday, June 22, 2009

Party Luge

Yup. This is what i was doing saturday night. Shots of Mad Dog sliding down a block of ice-"The Luge".These pics were actually pretty early in the evening. The guy is an old friend from many years back.The party itself was ok, nothing to write home about. One thing it made me realize is how far i've come, and how some of the people i used to know really havent changed at all.The hostess will be a forever "partygirl"- a role i outgrew about 7 years ago.
It still amazes me how some folk can continue to enjoy all that drama, even into their 30's & beyond.But whatever floats their boat.
I didnt drink very much at all- a total of 2 full cups of jungle juice and a few shots. I slept over on my cot (pretty cozy actually), was in bed by 11p and left by 8am.
Yes, i have become an adult at last.
Today i spent preparing decorations for our grad party this saturday. I aslo got to try the new carpet cleaner...yippee!
After the hoouse is fully decked out, i'll take a few pics to post.I'm still trying to study and apologize for the boring, short posts. I anticipate better ones if & when i pass my boards. I've looked back at a few early posts and i can see a uge difference. I'll try to remedy that.

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