Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The graduation luau

After this somewhat long haitus from blogging, i am pleased to report that i am back with some fabulous photos of the event.We all had a good time. the only downside was the absence of a girlfriend who was supposed to be there and kept texting every hour or so to say she'd be late, later, and finally it got to be so late i told her to just forget it. I was pretty upset about it. After all, it's much more considerate to just say you can't make it than to overschedule yourself and then disappoint.
Oh well, i 'm so over it. But at this point i have decided the friendship is just going to be another drain on me so i need to end it. The problem is how to do it without confrontation, or drawing it out by being evasive. I hate game-playing so i am asking a few other real friends for some advice. One of them didnt have much advice to give so i will move on to the 3 other friends to see what they say.
Onward & upward....i am on the countdown to my state boards on July 10th.I have been having to lug a huge & heavy book into work to read pharmacology , and care of the complicated & uncomplicated newborn. These seem to be the areas i am bad at. There are some others that arent too great at this point but i figure if i improve on these areas, i will improve my overall score.I will probably take 2 more of the 3 hour practice tests before the date and spend the night before cramming study cards.Like before, i have to just accept that if i fail, i will reschedule & try again. You have to wait 90 days .
A lot of people are asking what i plan on doing after i pass & get my RN status.My plans are to not actually apply anywhere until after vacation in September because there's usually a probationary period where you can't call off or take days off. So i want to avoid any problems. After that time i plan on applying at Hershey Med's NICU, Holy Spirit Hospital , and Carlisle Regional Hospital.The latter two are very close and Hershey is a GREAT teaching hospital.
Will keep posting as time draws nigh.
As for soon-to -be posts: i will be exploring reasons as to why my life has changed so much this past year, and also posting on my progress with jogging/running. So far i have gone from :
---jogging at 4 mph for 1 mile 3 times a week to
---5 mph for 1.5miles at 1% incline 3 times per week.
My goal is to run a 5k by September.
Any suggestions related to topics in this post are welcomed and appreciated!!!

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