Monday, June 15, 2009

Daddy Dearest & "The Hicks are Alive"

The trip to virginia with my brother went something like this.
I awoke friday at 3:30 pm..did my thing(gym,etc), then went in 11p-7a to work(always an adventure) . Saturday morning i arrived home at 7 :30 am . I had told my brother to be there at 8am so i could take a quick bath & refresh my self.Of course he arrives early so i had wet hair & no make-up.I dropped a parting gift at my neighbors door, & we left about 8a.
Since i had a GPS this year we used it . After stopping once for breakfast(an hour)we got stuck in traffic(another hour) . Then we stopped at a Giants to get a fathers day card.
Here is an idea of the area we found ourselves in.
  • On the end of one aisle, on my way back to the bathroom , there was a stuffed "Wolf Man Jack" toy.
  • The bathroom was in the dock & loading area and was comprised of a floor with almost all of the tile missing , and such thin walls i could hear the employees complaining about how they wasted a whole box of something and how much they hated their schedule this week.
  • Next, as i bustled my way hurriedly out , i actually passed a box of something labled "Crack Creme".

I can only imagine why anyone would ever go to a register with a Wolfman Jack doll & a box of Crack Creme. The next place we stopped they sold baseball caps in trendy pink with pot leaves on them and the logo "marijuana".
Well, then we finally arrived-via gps directions........ at a pile of 3 ft. high gravel with a sign stating "Road Closed".No warning. Just a sudden pile of gravel at the end of a maze of backroads.


Once we found our way out of THAT, we arrived -5 hours later_ at my dads.This is normally a 3 hour trip at best. But every year, almost in unplanned tradition- something goes awry & we take forever to get there.
My dads appearance gave me a double take. His skin was a yellowish hue and sort of hanging from his face.I had anticipated he would have lost the limp by now- the accident was 2 years ago- since he had progressed to not using his walker awhile back. But i swear, he has one of those legs that actually lifts "march style" with each step.He looked tired, and soooo much older than last year. Every step was "clump, slide".
We went out to eat at a Cafe. Then left by 6pm.
Every year , my dad looks at ME as if i am to blame for this departure. As if i am a royal you-know-what for making my brother leave .It's always actually his decision to leave since he drives so most of the trip home is not in the dark. But that's just my male chauvenist fathers attitude. Everything is always the womans fault.

I love my dad. He is my dad, but geeze.
The worst part about visiting ,though, is the unrelenting boredom and listening to my dad embellish the same stories year after year- with him always either the victim or the angry vigilante . It takes all i have to hold my tongue and usually, after several hours of this, i can't , and some sarcasm slips from my lips.This time it happened at the restaurant when he kept complaining about everything. The final straw was when he snapped at the waitress for not offering to refill his coffee, when "she asked everyone else." Arrrgh. Parents.
On the way home (this always goes better & faster) We stopped at a gas station. Again i had to use the bathroom. And , again, i had to make my way around boxes in a back room to a bathroom with seat up & pee all over the place. Above the toilet was a sign explaining what to do incase of a robbery.There were no towels, no soap and a tiny sized half -roll of TP. Yet, right in front of me, locked in true redneck fashion with a hanger through the door handles i spied a can of Comet. Now, why would you lock up the cleaning items when you obviously dont clean the place? Hmmmm....
But i survived, and was glad to have the chat time with my brother.
And, after all, was really grateful to collpase into bed at 9:30pm , after 30 some hours of being awake.

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