Sunday, May 10, 2009

Unhappy Mother's Day

I've already complained to my one friend, so if you are reading this i apologize. It's just that , in addition to all that happened today, more(yes , MORE) has beeen added.So i will get the whole thing off my chest again.
I woke up at 7 am, got ready for church. Went to the nursery & took care of 6 infants /toddlers with runny noses, coughs & all of whom were fussy & crying. I was'nt alone there but we had our hands full. Let me add, in selfishness, that i missed out on any Mother's day gifts they gave out.And , even though the service let out early("so we can all enjoy our mother's today"-per the Pastor), the mom's took their time collecting their kids. Then i got blocked in in the parking lot & was late getting to pick up my mom .
As i was driving my mom to meet my daughter for lunch (with her boyfriend , his mom, & sister) i got pulled over & FINED for an expired inspection sticker. Then we couldnt find decent parking & had to walk over 2 blocks. Of course we were late.
Then service was slow at the restaurant, so , again late getting out of there....didnt get to spend any time at all (maybe 15minutes)at the street fair i was really looking forward to BECAUSE....we were late getting out to see my grandmother. Then we didnt spend much time there, because we needed to drop my daughter off, see her new apartment(she'll be moving into) , and get my mom back to her house so she could see my brother.We got back at the time my brother said he would be there after, and he had already been there & left.So i left there, got home & my deck umbrella had blown over , knocking the grill over , tearing it all up & leaving grease everywhere. I had to clean that up , lift the grill(very heavy) put the doors back on it , and bungee everything to the railing.
I had made plans with my daughter to watch a DVD together tonight which she backed out at the last minute.I really needed someone to make me feel better, or just spend time with, but no.And i had so much left to do at the house, including walking the dog and at this point was really depressed. Especially as i realize that i have to tell my husband about the fine, he will blame me (by blame i mean criticize and make me feel worse) and i now have to change my whole day tomorrow to make an appointment for the car since i can only drive it 24 more hours legally.
I am still half sick , and have been nauseas and coughing, stuffy and exhausted.
I finally just resign the whole weekend as a total loss since i also spent my entire saturday cleaning , cooking, packing lunches, running errands , and taking care of the animals.
As i am leaving for work, i run 2 errands first , then proceed to take the wrong way to work. At least it turned out to only take an extra 5 minutes. But on the way i almost get blind-sided by a rogue truck .Inches....inches from a wipe out!
When i get to my clients house i note that the mom is not here and a "freind" of the dad's is here. Mom is away overnight, so i realize (slowly) that this means bad news. The dad will be up all night indulging in his "habit". Great.
Worst of all, i just realized that i forgot to put my lunch in my bag and i am starving.
Since when did mothers day mean "mom does for everyone else and gets punished even more than usual" day?

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LivingDeadNurse said...

sounds like you had a great moms day lol...mine wasn't great...i worked 12 hours on a full moon at a LTC facitilty...hope your next one is a little better