Friday, May 22, 2009


It is 3 am & my orientee just left. I am really on a roll with orientees lately-- have had at least half a dozen this month- most at my newest case( a micro-preemie 7 month old ).Since this ones not trach & vented , the agency always winds up sending dozens of trainees through until the family finally puts their foot down(once they know they have a say in it)and puts a stop to it. So, in just over a month here, i have trained 5 nurses and additionally there have been a few in as temps to fill in when i wasnt scheduled . One thing i have learned is to let parents know they have a choice, and while they dont want to have too few nurses available & trained for their case, they flip side is they don't want to have too many. Continuity of care is so important, especially in the home. How many strangers would you want trapsing through YOUR home?And especially when there are young siblings-if they are home during the day, they should feel comfortable around & familiar with the caretaker.It leads to a lot less acting out,and there's less resentment when mom doesnt have to take so much time away from them everyday trying to explain things to so many new faces.
And , just an aside here, i got vomited on at again this week at another case..It must be a full moon!
Anyhoo, i'm off to the land of no-technology for 4 days, so i'll be posting upon my return.....and p.s. my back is feeling a bit better. strong like bull! that's me!!!!

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