Saturday, May 9, 2009

Recovering from Flu(?)

So, at least when i got home in the morning(after our arguement) my husband apologized. As well he should!So i will forgive him(again).
I have been ill this week. what started out seeming like a few days of allergy attacks turned into some bad stuff wednesday night, then really bad thursday(fever, laryngitis, cough, nasal congestion, nausea, diarrhea,etc) so i had to call off work. I didnt feel much better this morning, but the fever had broken at least, and the laryngitis was gone. so i decided to take a few sleeping pills and sleep the day away as well. i felt better when i woke at 4:30 pm, took some alieve, and ate some eggs.I've been replenishing my fluids, but still feel pretty dehydrated. Since i could'nt afford to take another night off, i am now here at work tonight.
Yes, thats right. i can't afford it. My husband, once again, rubs in my face that, next week, he "doesnt have any bills to pay". well, fine. Since i will never be able to decrease my mortgage amount(at least for many years) i have come up with a new plan. I also have been paying for the groceries. This comes out to about $3200.00 a month i am responsible for. the average grocery bill per 2 weeks being around $400. Since this is the only thing i can vary, i guess he will be eating no meat for awhile.And forget the name brand stuff he usually gets, unless he wants to start contributing to the grocery fund. So there!
Its all fruits & veggies. Also, i won't be buying milk(except the powdered kind which he hates)since i dont drink it.I will be totally revamping my shopping style and have a goal of $ 200 for 2 weeks.It should be doable with some adjustments. As it is, can you believe, after spending over $500 last trip, i am almost out of produce???
I figure i want to eat more produce anyway, i will most likely be shopping once a week instead of every 2 , since fresh doesnt keep as long.we'll see.
Next up...getting my hair colored by my daughter in the morning. my grey's are getting out of control.Then sunday being Mother's day, i will be visiting my grandmother with my mom & daughter. We also want to eat lunch and visit a street fair.
On Monday, i will be submitting my paperwork to the college for my state exam. i will be devising a daily/weekly study plan as soon as i have scheduled a date.
Ok, gotta stop..this kid is always awake all night when i'm here...arrrrgghhh!

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