Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I'm betting there's more where this came from!

If you cannot tell this is a huge spider that visited me last night at my cases' home. about the size of the old half dollars in diameter!i always save these guys under glasses if i can so the family can see what i saw.And if they think it may be a biter, or even poisonous.Since i am no expert at spider identification, at least i know i notified the fam.
After i caught this one, i was, at first, a bit unnerved at the size & creepiness. But everytime i saw him struggle under the glass out of the corner of my eye i started to feel sorry for him. After all, i am sure he did not know , as he ventured into this home that this would be his fate.He (i am guessing at the gender of course)was probably just meandering around looking for some food, exploring his environment when WHAM! trapped!And what made me feel even worse was considering whether or not he was a teenager. I know, i'm weird like that. Wondering if he was out after curfew, or his mom was worried about him.I almost let him out.
But i didnt.
Here at this home, we are out in the woods and i am sure that the parents are aware that there are bound to be spiders.
Mainly, aside from not wanting the baby to get bit, i didnt release him because even if i wanted to put him outside, the front door would make a noise and wake the household. Then they would wanna know what i was doing and....well,explaining would take too long.
This house is soooo quiet , and the baby is soooo sensitive to noise i had to ask the mom if i could have the tv on at a low level just for white noise because everytime i tried to bite my celery the kid would wake up. That would be fine if i wasnt here very much because i could pack less crunchy stuff on occasion. But i'm here a lot & i refuse to not be able to eat fresh veggies & fruit just because the place is like a tomb.
It still sucks when i have to couch, sneeze, or sniff. He still startles , sometimes waking.
This is some of the stuff you deal with in homecare/night shift.
Along with the homes with only one bathroom and those located in the middle of the house with no ventilation.....well, just hope you dont have to crap & then someone wakes up to go in there right after you!Truly embarrassing!
Well, enough of that....and as Paul Harvey would say..that's the rest of the story!

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