Friday, May 29, 2009

Diploma Dilemma?

My son....
What can i say?
Two days before his senior project is due , i get a call from his guidance counselor stating he has only completed 6 hours of the 20 required hours of community service. Thus began my wednesday.
I got the message @ 2:30 pm when i got up early in order to have my son to an appointment by 4pm. So it was off & running on the phone marathon. Had to call the guidance counselor back before 3:15.Did alot of back & forth calls, then ,after yelling at the child (who came in the door at 3:05) dashed out the door with wet hair & hardly any makeup .
We spent the entire session with his counselor (the appt.)trying to figure out why, why, why is he doing this to me?
Then we spent the evening calling the pastor, asking neighbors for help, and getting phone numbers of places he could get those hours in the next 2 days.
Today was more of the same, starting with me getting up at 7:30 am so i could take a call from the director of the senior project at the high school. Much discussion ensued, i took notes, etc.
After school. the son of mine went to work so i had to drive there to discuss it with just went on & on
And its not over yet. He never even picked up his cap & gown today. So i gotta go to the school tomorrow & get it myself.
I could swear this kid does not care if he graduates or not.How can one be so close to completing a life goal, and not even care??
If this is any indication of how he plans on living his life,i'm going to change my name, move out west and refuse to have a phone line......
And just be content to hang my own diplomas on my wall.

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