Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The BoozeCruise

ok, i have to admit, i did miss having some technology. but not very much. i had about 1 hour of battery power left on my computer, so like a fool i started taking pics.this is our tent, after jim erected it all by his lonesome.i was trying to rest my back.
As a matter of fact, my husband did just about everything on the trip-including all the paddling except going through the falls(easy-peasy this year).About the only thing i did was cook , and that was really easy- threw a plastic sealed bag in a pot of water & boiled it for a few minutes.
Seriously, i did nothing.
And amazingly, it worked out beautifully.
The only complaint i really have is about the rest of the group. For some reason since the last time we went on this trip 3 years ago, they have decided not only to be loud-mouthed all night long, but just flat out LOUD.This time we had a chain saw each night after 9pm, flares/fireworks, and people senselessly shooting blanks from a handgun.I was awake for 40 hours straight.And pretty darned p.o.'d about it!I actually had to put my ipod shuffle earbud in one ear, turn it up full blast & bury the other ear in a pillow to go to sleep.And this was after sleeping pills & all those hours of being awake.
My fellow campers were what i will , henceforth, call "Extreme Rednecks". Not merely the tv dinner, nascar-watching, bowling league members who wear flannel shirts out to dinner type.No these were hard-core , drink -a -case-by-myself, gasoline container toting, tattoo-covered, mounted deer head coniossuers you might have seen in the movie "Deliverance". My own brother made me shoot said handgun as well.i really didnt want to, but when coerced , i aquiesced.
Texas Chain Saw Massacre family relatives, some of them.
But over all , we had a good time. My husband puked the whole way home, and i am still coughing from the dampness and campfire smoke inhalation, but we're alive and unharmed . There were a few minor injuries. And, get this, one of our party got a $220 ticket for being over the legal limit - alcohol level 1.7. Now that is ridiculous. He wasnt allowed to paddle a canoe by himself, had to have someone else in canoe with him. B.S. i say. What was he gonna do? cause a river drunk driving accident? he had a lot less than most in our party (not myself or my husband,but the others).A non-motorized canoe on a docile river. Bad form, brothers in brown.
Hubbs & i came home a day early and were able to spend Memorial day & night together-very unusual. Then this morning we went to a farmers market & loaded up on fresh produce.
I also paid for my nclex exam & sent in my request for transcripts to be sent to the PA state board.All that's left is waiting for my authorization to test, and scheduling the exam.
Additionally i scheduled a 2 week vacation to OBX in September. The price was too good to pass up .
And, seriously, i just cant live without that beach for a whole year!i am too spoiled i guess.
So, that's that. The past few days summed up.I will now be on a 9 day stretch at work starting thursday.I went back to the gym to night and am back in the saddle for the terribly busy month of June!

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